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We collaborate with a women’s cooperative that produces Shea butter and African black soap. Their main objective is to empower women by giving them financial autonomy


They make your packaging

Rascharles – Full Calabash
Maa – Elephant Grass
Paul – Raffia

We want to give voice to the African culture through its artisans and their ancestral techniques, offering you products made in Ghana with natural and traditional materials

Sustainable Packaging


Elephant Grass

Elephant grass is a local grass that grows spontaneously in great abundance in many parts of Ghana. Many different colors can be obtained by boiling straw in water and adding powdered dyes.


Raffia fiber is obtained from the raffia palm tree. It is a straw-like fiber that comes off from the inside of the palm leaves. The fibers are found only in a special species of palm tree that grows abundantly throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


A fruit that grows on both trees and vine plants. It can be harvested young and eaten as a vegetable, or matured until it dries (and changes color from green to brown) and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Mulberry paper

A non-native plant that is now a major invasive plant in several regions of Ghana. Locals are trained to develop skills as paper makers and, in turn, be able to use this skill as an additional source of income.

Corn husk

We use corn husks for our handmade bags by Paul.

We offer you the possibility of customizing the packaging of your shea butter and African black soap so that you receive a unique product at home.


What do people say about Africana Skincare

I love the presentation of the product and I love the shea butter. Shea butter has left my skin so soft! For me it’s all about the details, and the raffia cover is so pretty, the calabash is super cute, and the fact that they are all sustainable, handmade, natural products is just amazing.

Michelle, Londres (UK)

African Black soap is wonderful because with a very small amount and a little water, it lathers and leaves the skin very clean and soft. The same thing happens with shea butter, with a very small amount, it spreads very well over the face, leaving the skin very hydrated and, above all, very luminous.

Natalia, Asturias (Spain)

The soap strips away all impurities and leaves the skin fresh, ready for the shea butter, which nourishes the skin, leaving it fully hydrated. The combination of both leaves skin with a special shine and a very pleasant touch.

Silvia, Asturias (Spain)