Packaging made out of plants grown in Ghana

Every part of our packaging comes from a plant, using what Ghanaian nature has provided us. We have chosen these materials specifically because, in one way or another, they are tied to the culture and traditions of Ghana, allowing us to expose the beauty and powerful natural resources of Ghana to the rest of the world.

Discover the materials used on our three packaging designs

Full Calabash

Calabash with Elephant Grass cover

Calabash with Raffia cover

Paper with a purpose

Paper for our tags and special messages

The Ghana Paper Project

A project that spreads knowledge about an invasive plant that can generate employment and offer an alternative to plastic consumption worldwide. Workers are trained to harvest raw materials, process pulp, develop skills as papermakers, and cultivate capability in product design and management.

ONG Chance For Children

Chance for Children is a Ghana-based NGO that aims to give street children and their families the opportunity for a better future. Our thank you cards are made with this paper which is waste paper, cardboard, and pieces of pineapple crown.