Offer African natural beauty products that preserve your health, the environment and support local African communities 

Our Values


We strive to honor Ubuntu, a South African philosophy that translates “I am because we are” by giving back to the local craftsmen and people we collaborate and work with.


Promote and keep alive ancestral crafting techniques as a way of exposing African culture and traditions that can be applied to our own day to day habits or even beliefs.


We create our packaging using natural and local materials, most coming from plants, reusable and recyclable.


As you hold our product you will know how it was made, where it was made and who made it. Every aspect of our product has a story behind it.


All our production phase takes place in Ghana, using only local people as a way to give back to the local economy.

Our Story

In 2018 I started what I call my “African Adventure”. I traveled and lived for short periods of time in four African countries until I landed in Ghana, the country that Africana skincare originates from. Coming from a culture governed by consumerism, where life is lived by a clock, the lifestyle in these diverse African countries felt like a breath of fresh air. It brought back human touch, the idea of sharing and community, such as eating from one big plate with your hands alongside six other people.

I saw all the beauty but I also saw and experienced the many barriers and stereotypes that are attached to this continent. The reality of the African continent wasn’t the reality that many of us are told most times. Why not create something that could aid in exposing its culture, ancestral traditions and natural resources as a way of helping break some of these stereotypes?

This, combined alongside my desire to integrate more sustainable day to day habits in my daily routine, specially the way to take care of myself, is what gave birth to the idea of creating a skincare brand that would also combine my passion for travel. This is why I decided to use natural skin care as a “tool” to take you into a sensorial travel experience to the African continent, using your five senses.

Do you dare to travel with me?

Tatiana Martínez