Africana skincare is happy to announce that we have added a new team member to our family of local weavers called Reymond Adongo (also called Remo).

Remo is a weaver from Bolgatanga, the Northern region of Ghana. He has been weaving for so long that he can’t even remember the age at which he started weaving. As he told us, before he learnt how to spend money, he already knew how to weave baskets.

“Before I knew how to spend money, I already knew how to weave baskets”.

Bolgatanga is a region in Ghana that is very big on weaving, which in turn has helped generate a source of income to its locals. This is one of the reasons the baskets are called Bolga baskets, because of their origin, as Remo explains to us.

Basket weaving has helped Remo in developing his life. Thanks to this beautiful handwork he learnt from his grandma, he is able to feed his family and help his younger brother and sister pay their fees for education.

Remo is a hard worker who takes his work very seriously and hopes to keep progressing so that one day all his effort is truly recognised and he can improve his way of living.

At Africana skincare, we are really happy and proud to work with Remo and be able to showcase some of his amazing talent to the rest of the world!

“The beauty of Africa is our handwork”

If you would like to get to know Remo better, watch our English subtitled interview below were he speaks about himself, his job and his working technique.