Meet the artisan: Ike 

The raffia fibre used in weaving, is obtained from the raffia palm tree. It is a straw-like fibre that is stripped from the inside of the palm tree leaves. The fibers are found only in a special species of palm tree that grows abundantly across sub-Saharan Africa.

For our packaging we use different types of cover design. All handmade by local Ghanaian craftsmen, the difference being the material used and the technique in making it:

  1. Elephant grass by Tahiru
  2. Raffia by Ike
  3. Full calabash by Ibrahim

Introducing our weaver Ike

Ike has been born and raised in Accra, coming from the Ga ethnic group in Ghana. During he’s childhood years, weaving was taught as a subject in primary school, which is where he learned how to weave. Since then he dedicated himself to carrying out artisanal work, raffia weaving being amongst them.

Process of raffia cover making

Ike uses four different materials: raffia, cane, a needle and thread and wax.

He weaves the raffia fibre around the cane, using the needle and thread. The wax is used to make the raffia fibre smoother to make it easier when passing through the needle eye.

Compared to using elephant grass, this is a much slower process which requires more detail and time.

If you would like to get to know Ike better, watch our English subtitled interview below were he explains in Ga (spoken in south-eastern Ghana, mainly in and around the capital city of Accra) about himself and he’s job