Commonly asked questions about shea butter

At Africana Skincare, we are passionate about offering authentic products that care for your skin. Among them is unrefined shea butter. This product is not only a potent moisturizer but also has a rich history and a variety of benefits. Here, we will address 4 of the most frequently asked questions about shea butter that go beyond its uses.

Is West African shea butter the same as East African shea butter?

Not exactly. It is produced in different regions of Africa, and although both are highly beneficial, they have some notable differences. West African shea butter comes from countries like Ghana and Nigeria. This variety is thicker and has a color that ranges from ivory to yellow, and is known for its rich and dense texture. On the other hand, the East African one, primarily from Uganda and Sudan, is softer and creamier, with a lighter color and a milder aroma.

Does shea butter expire?

Shea butter does not expire, although it is recommended to use within one year (after that it simply starts to lose its benefits). While it has a long shelf life if stored properly (away from direct sunlight and in a dry place), it is important to pay attention to its smell and appearance as it is a natural product. If it looks and smells good, it is likely still safe to use, even after the indicated expiration date.

What is the difference between unrefined and refined shea butter?

Unrefined Shea Butter retains all its nutrients and benefits as it has not undergone chemical processes, while Refined Shea Butter has been processed to remove impurities (it is white in colour and footless), which may reduce its effectiveness.

Why does it vary in color?

The yellowish variation in the color of shea butter can be due to the type of nuts used and the processing method. Some butters are more yellow due to added vegetable pigments, which do not provide additional therapeutic benefits. It all depends on the different ingredients added.

At Africana Skincare, we are committed to quality and authenticity. Our shea butter comes from Ghana and is made using traditional methods. Visit our online store to learn more and purchase our products. Incorporate natural shea butter into your skincare routine and discover its wonderful benefits!