We won the second prize in the regional contest “Emprende-Innova-Comparte” of Catalonia, Spain

On June 3, 2021, the “Emprende-Innova-Comparte” contest of Catalonia took place, organised by the organisation Action Against Hunger in Spain.

One of its great objectives is to be able to support and encourage young people towards the path of entrepreneurship. The contest seeks to share entrepreneurial experiences and gives you guidance into how to become an entrepreneur. All this is achieved through participatory and playful workshops, allowing you to expand your network and learn about different business possibilities and opportunities.

It was a great honor for Africana skincare to be able to take part in this contest and compete with 15 other projects within the region of Catalonia in Spain.

Thanks to our focus on sustainability as well as our contribution to the local Ghanaian economy through our collaborations with local artisans and women’s cooperative, we won second place and went on to the national contest where we had the great honor of competing again with 21 different projects, but this time from all over Spain.

Every sacrifice has its reward and this was one of them. Thanks to this award we are in the phase of finally being able to create our official website. We are eager to share everything with you and above all that you can finally have a platform where you can buy your calabashes from Africana skincare :)

J #iamafricana