African Handbag Sunyani


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  • The Sunyani African bag is designed and handwoven by Paul in Ghana and is the perfect size to carry all your essentials.

  • Design – Ghana has a wealth of craftsmanship known for many ancestral techniques. Paul wanted to differentiate himself from the rest of the artisans who usually use a material called elephant grass, and decided to try the corn husk, a material and technique that he learned from his uncle. The production process is quite complex and can take Paul between 3 and 7 days to complete a single piece.

  • Impact – Craftsmanship is Paul’s only source of income. Apart from producing several pieces for various clients, he also usually participates in local markets as a way of exhibiting his work and being able to get more clients. Our objective is to be able to increase the demand for the African handmade bags, in order to create more work for Paul and consequently, he can invest that money in a new location from which he can work. Currently his working conditions are not the best (he shares a very small space with other family members), and he told us that he would love to be able to create his own workspace.

  • Materials – corn husk, leather and African print fabric. 

  • Details – front pocket green leather. Brown leather handles. Short handle round. 

  • 38.0 x 30.0 cm (WidthxHeight)

  • Care – No washing. Do not use bleach. Do not iron. Do not use dryer.  

1 in stock

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