Pack Summer Glow


  • Shea Butter + African Black Soap

    100g. Shea Butter: Whipped shea butter and vitamin E. African Black Soap: Cocoa pods, Potash, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.
    3 different packaging designs. Step 1: Choose the packaging for your shea butter Step 2: Choose the packaging for your black soap Step 3: Choose your spatula
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The Summer Glow with Africana Skincare pack offers the unique benefits in combating common summer skin challenges such as sun exposure, dehydration, and maintaining a healthy glow.

Step 1. Exfoliation and deep-cleanse with our African Black Soap: its purifying and deep-cleansing properties are excellent for removing impurities and excess oils after a day outdoors.

Step 2. Hydration and nutrition with our pure Shea Butter : Its moisturizing benefits, especially after sun exposure, will help you restore skin hydration and prevent peeling.

Summer Glow with Africana Skincare

•Provide extra hydration to your skin after prolonged sun exposure. •Strengthen the natural protective barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss. •Combat dry hair and split ends. •Combat hardness in the heels during the season of sandals and open-back shoes. • Helps relieve the after-effects of sunburn. Also great option to help prolong your tan.
•Eliminate impurities and excess oil after a day at the beach or outdoors •Deep cleansing after sweating: face, body, hair •Very refreshing for your skin on hot summer days!
It has a natural SPF of about 7. But it is not advisable to use shea butter as a sunscreen alone. It is a good natural alternative to after sun, since it has a calming and super nourishing effect on the skin.

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