5 ways to use Africana Skincare African Black Soap

One of the things we love the most about African Black Soap is that it is a multi-use product, just like Shea Butter. 

So what do we exactly mean by multi-use? The name is pretty self-explanatory; a single product that can be used for various purposes. 

We are finally transiting (or trying to transit) to a world were “less is more”. From a “10-step-skincare” routine to just a one or two step routine. That is exactly one of the things we want to transmit with Africana Skincare, that you do not need many products, or to spend a lot of money, to take care of yourself. 

Today we would like to shed more light on African Black Soap and the uses you can give to it.


Cleansing your face with African black soap is one of the most common uses. While it is generally safe for all skin types, it is specially helpful for oily or acne-prone skin. It has the ability to remove excess oil from your skin, leaving it very clean and fresh. That said, since it is more alkaline than your skin, it can irritate dry and sensitive skin types; do a patch test to ensure you do not get any skin irritation before you use it on your face.

Make up remover

Not only a great product to cleanse your skin, but also a natural make up remover. This is a two-in-one product for your skincare routine; remove your make up while you also cleanse your skin.


Using African Black Soap as a shower gel is also a possibility. You can consider it as an eco friendly, zero waste shower gel due to its sustainable packaging as well as natural ingredients. Plus, it’s less harmful for your body because you’re not absorbing and inhaling toxic substances. Having said this, we still do recommend you test it before to avoid any skin irritation or allergies as it can be a little harsh on more sensitive skin types.


Some people love using black soap to wash their hair. Using real African Black Soap can be very beneficial because it feeds nourishment to the scalp, instead of stripping the nutrients away. You just need to be careful on how you use it, specially if you have a very dry scalp as it can dry it out even more. If that is the case, we recommend you mix it with any oil of your choice.

Wash dishes by hand

Yes! You’re reading properly, you can also use black soap to hand wash dishes! Alongside the African straw sponge that you will find with your order, you can combine both and introduce a more sustainable method to dishwashing– get rid of the dishwashing sponges or washing liquids which are very toxic to our environment. Why not give it a go?

Hand-wash clothes  

We know nowadays washing machines do all the job but surely there is that one piece of clothing that you can not put inside the washing machine and have to hand wash right?

Next time that happens try our African black soap. In certain areas of Ghana, locals still use it to hand wash their clothes and we can assure you it does a pretty good job!