We want to share with you a step-by-step guide on how Africana Skincare’s shea butter is made.

It is very important for us that when you hold one of our products in your hands, you know WHO made it, HOW it was made, WHERE it was made and WHAT the product is made of (its ingredients). This is because transparency is very important to us.

We obtain our shea butter and African black soap from a women’s cooperative in the North of Ghana. One of the reasons we choose this cooperative, and not any other, is because it is owned and managed by the shea nut pickers and shea butter producers themselves. One of their aims is to empower women to reduce gender inequality by providing a source of livelihood to the local Ghanaian women.

Without further ado, lets have a look at all the steps of shea butter making:


Handpicking the nuts from the shea tree.

Shea Tree


Wash the shea nuts in clean water


Sieve and dry the shea nuts on a clean floor



Crush the shea nuts using a special machine


Roast the crushed shea nuts on fire 


Mill the roasted kernels into a fine paste


Kneade paste to aerate the fat when the paste cools down completely (can be done by hand or using a special machine). 


In the process of kneading, water is added ir order to separate the fat from the paste


The fat is boiled to complete de separation


The boiled oil is filtered and allowed to cool down and solidify for some days 


As the shea butter begins to solidify, it needs to be stirred into a smooth texture. The final step is to package it into an air-tight container away from water and sunlight, and its finally ready for sale!


Visit our Youtube channel to see the step-by-step shea butter making process: